Having last “done art” at primary school around 1960, I came to painting untrained and rather late on in life.   I like to challenge myself by varying my subject matter – landscape, townscape, portraiture, animal portraiture, house portraiture(!) and anything else that takes my or your fancy - so that I don’t find myself channelled down just one gutter.  I apply watercolour paints using brushes and dip-pens and I realise I tend to “draw” with watercolour rather than “paint”;  I’m afraid I like to take control and not always let the paint do its own thing on the paper.  For me watercolour painting is all about rendering textures and light and the nuances of colour that aren't at first apparent in the scene.


I spent my earlier life teaching and directing teaching in English language schools in this country and in Spain, Egypt and Korea – I have a Masters in Applied Linguistics - and then switched career to become a furniture-restorer and polisher, a job I still do.  I also design, make and fail to sell acoustic guitars.  I live and work in Cottenham, just north of Cambridge.